A modern approach to Technical Recruiting

With VIDSTAFF, you get a lot of options so you can decide the best fit for your company. Our candidates are the main attraction, making it super easy for companies to hire exceptional talent.


Are you looking for a job change?

While most recruiting companies just throw you in a database, VIDSTAFF will not only find you a job but teach you the necessary skills to get placed at an exciting company. From Fortune 500 to Startups, we will find the perfect fit.



Imagine the end credits of a movie, the names of all the incredibly talented people who made the film a success. Now imagine a company who works tirelessly to find your “stars” - the IT and technology employees you need to make your business a success. Vidstaff is a technical recruiting company, finding the super star IT talent for you!


Are you looking for a way to let your outstanding technical and IT skills shine? Vidstaff is a technical recruiting company that takes IT talent like yours and matches it with a business looking for super stars. When you trust Vidstaff to place you with a business that values your expertise, it’ll be a blockbuster hit!

Still Not Sure?

Please give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. VIDSTAFF exists to help companies run more efficient by providing the best candidates in the IT industry.